Friday, 18 December 2015

Relax with RJ BALAJI

Is your life fully packed with tension ? Dont know how to relax ?

Let me suggest you a better way to have fun

Have you hear about RJ Balaji who is a radio jockey in Big FM

His shows are #CROSSTALK and #TAKEITEASY which is a fun based show

Iam garanty for the fun while hearing his audios

Dont know where to download his audios and videos ?

There is an android app for it too. To download RJ Balaji app just Click here

The main features of this app are
1) It contains all CROSS TALK and TAKE IT EASY audios
2) You can also connect with him through Facebook and Twitter by using this application
3) It uses  3mb only
4) You can able to hear these audios without downloading it 

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Phogy - 3D Camera

Hai friends ,
 Are you a photogenic ? Are you a selfie lover ? Are you interested in photography ? Then its for you

Yeah ! Its a time for you to take 3D photos and 3D selfies in your smart phone and attract your friends

 Jus install the 3D camera app PHOGY

 To install it just Click here

How to Use ?

 1) Just open the app

 2) Then focus the target

 3) Press the camera button

 4) Move your Device to the Right Side and Still Aim at the Target

Now your 3D picture is ready

The main features of this app are :-

1) Simple to use
2) It describes the quality of phogy by giving stars from 1 to 5
3) You can share it via emails social networks
4)  Filters are added here You can use it to make your pic cool
5) Set Phogy as 3D effect lively wallpapers (Pro)

Now enjoy taking 3D pics and impress your friends by sharing it :)

Meet you soon in the next post bye :)

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Google's offline maps

Hello everyone good to see yu!!! Opps sorry gud to have a blog with you actually i have planed to visit you!

Unfortunately i dont know the route for your hometown. :(

"stop reasoning man u have google map rite?! Go there and find the route and come"

this is what yu gonna tell me now rite?!...hehe....yeah well i have map but how can i use without data????......
wait i have ans for tht....yeah google map is now working without data in India

OMG sound awesome......

Finally google now announced 🔊on wednesday(18-11-15)

But how can i use that???????

Its pretty easy man....

Jus type the place where you want to visit and download the area then after you can easily check the maps without data. 

Wow superb man its so easy okay okay get ready to welcome me 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Create your own wikipedia profile!!

Hello buddies I think you are familiar with this sentence

 Work hard till your facebook profile changes into wikipedia profile

But in this case dont work hard just work smart to create a profile in wikipedia.

To create a profile in the wikipedia just Click here

You have to give an user name . Dont forget that that user name will be the name of your account.Then enter a password and confirm it by typing it again. Enter an email address it is optional one in this case

Thats it and click the create button to see your profile in wikipedia

Then after creating the profile in wikipedia . Start writing your autobiography by following the given methods.

Find the page in user space. The space for writing the article before you publish it is your userpage.

 Go to User:(your username here)/(your article name here), where you can edit. Click on the 'create' tab

 Start writing in the big empty box where you have to write. After finishing your autobiography click on save button

Now you also created an profile in wikipedia..!! ;) :)

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Twitter polls !!

Hello friends,
  Its an happy news for twitter lovers. One of the huge socialnetwork Twitter has been trying to improve the features and also it is trying to add interesting thing

 Guess what ? Its poll. Yeah friends to attract more people it adds poll option . Few days ago only it added the feature of sending donations to your presidential candidate

  Now it comes back again with poll.  You people have a doubt over this option so let me solve your doubt by an example

If you want to name your pet just frame the question in the compose box and give two names and ask your followers to select a name

It will show the result after 24 hours of the poll in your notifications

Over the next few days, it rolling out the ability to create polls on iOS, Android, and on desktop at

So get ready to vote and create the poll

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cppdroid - to learn c c++

Hello buddies,
   Wow this post is so lucky because of your presence. Ok lets come to the topic

Are u an engineering student? Then this post is for you. Almost all the department students should need knowledge on C and C++ to get placement in corporate companies.

But so many of us does not have pc / laptops to practice the programmes. For those i suggest you an android app called Cppdroid 

 Apart from other tutorials here it helps you to run the program and compile the errors.

The download link for this application is Click here

The features of this applocations are listed below :-

Code complete

Real-time diagnostics (warnings and errors) and fixes

File and tutorial navigator (variables, methods, etc)

Static analysisSmart syntax highlighting

Portrait/landscape user interface

Auto indentation and auto pairing (configurable)

Configurable code syntax highlighting (themes)

Compile C/C++ code (no root required)

Works offline (built-in compiler, no need of internet connection)

Great C/C++ code examples included

Detailed C++ tutorial and learn guide included

Add-ons manager and auto updates

Dropbox support 

Try the app if it impress you dont forget to share and coment your experience :)

Answers to App Treasure Hunt

Hello friends
   I think u all guys heard about the Amazon's big deal App treasure Hunt

💥Amazon Rs. 1 Deals💥

1 Surprise Every Hour @Amazon App !! Claim Your Product @Rs 1 at Amazon India

How to get this deal

Your offer link :

Buy now for Rs.1
1 Surprise Every Hour
Starts From 10am to 6PM

Steps to Follow
*Guess The Answer
*Find the Product Page
*Go to the product Page
*Claim the Product For Rs.1

 Its nothing but they put clues(product) each hour we have to guess the answer(product( and buy that product for one ruppee

   Wants to win App Treasure Hunt we help you by solving the quiz and you needs to do only know the answer by seeing this blog per hour and know the answer and buy it at one rupees

2 PM Clue - The Secret

1 PM Clue – Canon + Power + Shots —> Canon Powershot SX400 IS 16MP Point and Shoot Camera (Black)

12 noon Clue – Meet Sirius and Hedwig and He-Who-Must-Not-Named –> Harry Potter 7 Volume Children’S Paperback Boxed Set (OOS)

11 AM Clue – Meet Lord Emsworth, Bertie, Jeeves and Mr Mulliner all in one place –> The Short Story Collection by P.G Wodehouse (OOS)

10 AM Clue – Sand + Disk + Orbit = SanDisk Cruzer Orbit Rotating 32GB USB Pen Drive(OOS)